Sunday, February 1, 2015

Being Consistent

Do you have a workshop coming up that you want to be ready for? Do you want to take the best advantage of what you learn at your workshop? Do you struggle like me in being consistent with your craft? This post from David Gray's blog has similar idea's to the previous post but with a few more suggestions . Check out his website David Gray Art and blog DG Paints.

David writes:
David's upcoming workshop
You just got back from a great workshop. You learned a LOT and had a great time with the other students. You got inspired. You vow to find more time to paint. But you get home and life sets in and you keep putting off painting and six months later you find your art stuff has a light layer of dust on it.
Most of us have lives outside of art. Regular jobs, families, and other responsibilities. We want to get better at our painting but we really don’t have time for it…or do we? Here are some tips to consider to help you create some consistency in your art life.

1. Set up a permanent work area. You really don’t need a huge space. Talk to your spouse or partner about setting up a committed area in your home or apartment so as to avoid unnecessary set up and break down time. If you fear it’s unsightly when guests come over, find a creative way to hide it. A Japanese screen. A decorative curtain.

Read More: Being Consistent

The image at the right is a flyer for his upcoming workshop and gives you an idea of what his work looks like.

Monday, January 5, 2015

David Gray's Tips to Becoming a Better Artist

The New Year is a great time to step back and look at our life; particularly the things that we are most passionate about. For us artists, it's  painting that make our hearts sing. As artists, most of us are looking at ways to improve our work. I wonder "what can I do to improve my work that will make my paintings resonate?

There is an article titled Dave's Tips to Becoming a Better Artist, written by David Gray, an excellent artist and teacher, that speaks to growing in your art. His video's and blog posts are really helpful for aspiring artists.

To see his beautiful work go to: David Gray Art

There are many other inspiring things on his blog DG Paints.

Happy Painting!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Great Videos on How to Draw an Eye.

This morning I came across a great video on drawing an eye. It reminded me of what a great resource is for learning and increasing your skill as an artist. The beauty about Proko is the teaching is simple, clear and great visuals that illustrate what he says. A pleasant young man is the teacher and there is humor to keep your attention. This video was helpful to me and I learned some things as it cracked me up... lol as they say. The main website for is linked in the right column of this site.

How to Draw Eyes - Structure
How to Draw an Eye - Step by Step

Hope you enjoy and grow along the way,


I just subscribed to his newsletter as well and found out that Stan Prokopenko is a teacher at the Watt's Atelier, founded by Jeffrey Watts. I linked Jeffrey's website among the Excellent Painters and his Atelier under the Sites for Learning in the right side bar.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hanley Farm Artist Day June 14th

Hello Fellow Artists!!!

The Hanley Farm Paint Out is right around the corner and it sounds like great fun! Art, music, food, and fun events. We will have an opportunity to get out into our community, to display our work and sell it. We are also encouraged to paint. I received the following information through SOSA (Southern Oregon Society of Artists). It originally came from the Southern Oregon Historical Society, which is a great organization to support. Call or email Pamela to let her know you are coming and any questions you may have. If we all comment on this post we will know who from our Guild is coming. I hope to see you there!!!
Hanley Farm House

PS Check the Gallery tab to see paintings that we have done at the previous paint outs including Hanley Farm. Charity did a lovely piece of the House on location and finished at home.

Click to read more below, so you will have all the information that you need. I have included all of the correspondence from Pamela.  They are generous to invite us. All they ask of us is that we donate %10 of our sales to the Historical Society. That isn't much and they can use the community support.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Featured Artist

John McCarten

Debby told me about John McCarten, one of her favorite artists. I visited his website and picked out a favorite painting. I was so surprised to see he won the Annual Ray Mar Contest 2013 $10,000 prize with his beautiful piece! Here it is:

Winter Morning Kangarilla

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

SOSA Critique Juror

Farmer's Daughter
Great news! This quarters critique juror for SOSA this time is our good friend, Ilene Gienger Stanfeld. Her work is fun and very fresh. She is accomplished both as an artist and a teacher... very kind and helpful. Check out her work at: Ilene Gienger Fine Art.

SOSA Critique
Monday Evening
7:00 PM
April 28, 2014 
Medford Library

This is great fun and learning. Come and check it out as a guest or you can join. It is $30 per year. Bring a painting for the critique. To qualify you must be a member, have your painting framed and gallery ready to hang. Your painting must be there between 6:15 & 6:45. Ilene will choose the six paintings that will compete for painting of the year in November. 

The critique was really great! Ilene is a delight, full of joy. It is encouraging to be around her and listen to her speak. Her love for art is infectious. She also had wonderful insight on how to improve our paintings. My take away is to aspire to be more creative... out of the box and come up with original ways to make my work stand apart as unique.

The next critique will be July 28th, same time and same place. Christina Madden will be the judge.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Interview with Johanna Harmon

Good Morning! Just opened an OPA email and found an inspiring interview that John Pototschnick did with Johanna Harmon. Her work is beautiful and I really like much of what she had to say. Thought you would enjoy it as well.

Oil Painters of America Blog

A quote from the interview:

"For Johanna Harmon, art is a beautifully timeless, skillful, poetic, abstract, and deeply felt visual concept. Using her remarkable skill, it’s her desire to fearlessly explore the mystery of her subjects, and to do that with sensitivity, intention, and truth."

I went to Johanna's website and have enjoyed viewing her beautiful work. In her portraits she seems to capture the essence of her subject in a compelling way, drawing you closer to see into their souls. The eyes in some of her pieces speak from the heart. In her figurative, the poses are full of life as well.

The link to her website:
Johanna Harmon

Bless your day